Why Extensions?

Why choose eyelash extensions over self-applied strip lashes or cluster lashes? 

Strips can be uncomfortable, easily recognized as unnatural, and only last a short time. Strips are comprised of numerous lashes, bonded together, which are applied directly to the eyelid. This technique can cause discomfort and may cause premature shedding of the surrounding natural lashes due to the stiff nature of the adhesive used.

Clusters can become easily entangled and may cause discomfort. Cluster lashes tend to have a uniform thickness creating an unnatural appearance, while individual eyelash extensions have a thick base and a narrow tip, similar to natural lashes, aiding the realistic appearance. 

Eyelash extensions provide a beautiful, natural looking enhancement to every texture, length, and type of lash. Thick and beautifully curled, these lashes are completely safe for skin, eyes and contact lenses. With extensions, there is no need for mascara or eyelash curling and they are 100% waterproof!